Non-heated Classes

Vinyasa Up the Wall*

The yoga wall was designed to serve as a tool to assist the yogi into the proper alignment in various yoga poses. Designed to help the student gain the ‘felt’ experience of true alignment, Vinyasa Up the Wall will empower the student to grow and strengthen their Vinyasa practice.

Restorative + Wall*

Spend an hour using props of all kinds — including the wall — to get into restorative poses and into correct alignment which will translate into better posture in your fast flowing classes.

Restore Renew*

In an hour of restorative poses, you’ll use blocks, straps, blankets, and bolsters to support the body. In these propped up poses your body will relax and realign and you might even forget your name! It is a great addition to your regular yoga practice and an awesome cross training tool for any athlete.

Kundalini and Meditation 101

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation is a blend of the physical and the mental. There is chanting, movement and meditation. Go to the source deep within you where even under the influence of the deepest pressures and polarities you will discover the experience of your best health and spiritual connection.


Our prenatal classes are specifically designed for you and your changing body and appropriate for all trimesters, preconception and into parenthood, regardless of your previous yoga experience. Beginners are welcome. Classes combine traditional yoga poses and breath practices with creative movement and restorative postures to alleviate common aches and pains, introduce coping tools for birth, and inspire a sense of empowerment in this great transition. We offer a space to explore yourself and to connect with your baby and others on the same journey.  

Heated Classes

$5 Align + Flow*

Give support to your body by aligning your joints, muscles, and bones to create the optimal flow of energy. In this class, you’ll build your poses from the ground up, aligning your body for optimal safety. All levels welcomed.

Basic Vinyasa*

Learn the basics of yoga and pranayama, or yogic breathing, with a lot of instruction from our experienced teachers. Vinyasa is our signature style. You will move through the class using your breath and the Sun Salutations to link all of your poses into one seamless meditation.

Fundamentals of Hot Vinyasa*

This class will support you in creating a strong foundation for your yoga poses or asanas. This class is perfect for those new to yoga and wanting to learn in a safe and friendly environment. All levels of experience are welcomed.

Align + Flow

Beginner-mediate. Align and flow is your next step to becoming an intermediate practitioner. Alignment instruction is precise and integrated into the flow of the practice.

Vinyasa + Deep Stretch

This class is a mix of fast-paced, vinyasa flow and long, deep, juicy stretches. While each of our instructors have a different take on the class, you’ll find yourself “zenned out” by the time you leave.

Vinyasa I

This beginner-mediate class uses movements between poses and sun salutations accompanied by regulated breathing. Instructors are totally free to incorporate whatever they choose into the class — including different styles of yoga, a great playlist, props, or whatever they think will help the class feel more successful.

Fiery Flow

This class will focus on alignment — of the breath with movement, as well as the position of the body. Long holds in strength building poses allow for the removal of obstacles in our minds and bodies, and core work will move you toward the creation of a strong foundation born from fiery self-discipline and the right attitude.

Vinyasa II

Turn up the heat, grow and flow — you’ll push the limits of your strength, flexibility, and balance in this advanced vinyasa flow class. This class is fast paced and meant for those already familiar with basic postures.

Yoga Tune Up

This class is designed to help you refine your technique by incorporating therapeutic strength based movements into flow. Our glutes and core are our biggest movers and shakers so this class begins with activation of those basic muscle groups! Tuning up your technique allows you to advance your practice (think: handstand, forearm stand, and advanced posture prep).

Strength + Vinyasa

Strength is what we need to take that next step. Whether you are working on your inversions or just need a good butt kicking, this advanced flow class is for you. This class is fast-paced and meant for those already familiar with basic postures.

*Perfect for beginners

Advanced Hot Classes

Savage Sunday

Our most advanced class on the schedule! Previous vinyasa experience is required. Advanced sequencing and postures. Be prepared to know the poses without specific alignment instruction. Playlist is explicit.

Short + Savage

One of our most advanced classes, in a smaller bite! Previous vinyasa experience is required as this class is fast paced and includes advanced postures.