Yoga 101

First Saturday of Each Month

If you’ve never tried yoga before, taking your first class can be incredibly intimidating. To help ease that stress and improve your future class experiences, we’ve created a free Yoga 101 class designed specifically for beginners!

This 90-minute  class will teach you what you might expect as you start your yoga journey. Shelley and our other superb teachers will show you basic yoga poses, explain how a typical yoga class is structured, teach modifications you can make to suit your body, recommend which classes would be best to meet your needs, and most importantly, make you feel comfortable beginning your life-changing yoga practice! 

You Will Learn:

  • What to expect in your first yoga class 
  • A basic understanding of what yoga is
  • Fundamental yoga poses
  • Modifications to suit your body’s needs
  • What classes beginners should take


Shelley Jones loves to teach beginners! She is one of our most experienced teachers, loved by all, and she will provide you with an introduction to yoga, teach you about many of the benefits of yoga, and explain to you what to expect when you walk into other classes at the studio. If you’ve been curious about yoga, heard that phrase “you really need to try yoga” or been recommended to take yoga, this free class is a great first step.